• Folding speed 246 sheets/minute
  • Up to ledger size paper
  • Feeder capacity 500 sheets
  • Six pre-programmed folds, 20 custom fold jobs
  • Heavy duty sound insulation for super-quiet operation
  • Optical double feed detection
  • Automatic paper size detection
  • Automatic paper feed tray raising and lowering
  • Standard cross folding



The DF-980 is the quietest tabletop folder in its class, making it ideal for operation in office environments. It can handle a wide range of paper sizes and stocks with superb reliability, almost eliminating bothersome misfeeds, jams and double feeds.

For most folding jobs, the DF-980’s automation lets you simply load the paper, choose a fold from the user-friendly control panel, and run the job.


  • Folding speed 246 sheets/minute for blazing fast job completion
  • Job setup via the highly legible control panel, including fine-tune adjustment controls
  • Feeder capacity 500 sheets – no fanning required
  • Handles up to ledger size (11” x 17”) paper
  • Six preset folds and supports numerous custom folds, including cross-folding
  • 20 job memories for custom folds
  • Automatic paper type recognition for automatic adjustments
  • Accepts stapled sets
  • Virtually maintenance free


Technical Specifications:

Paper sizes 3“ x 5“ to 12“ x 18“
Fold type single, double, half accordion, letter, accordion, and brochure
Folding speed up to 246 sheets per minute
Stack capacity 500 sheets
Counter Ascending and descending
Power 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 41“ x 20“ x 20“
Weight 95 lbs