How VoIP Phone Systems Improve Your Customer Service

How VoIP Phone Systems Improve Your Customer Service

Customer service is kind of like the “fingerprint” that your company leaves behind. It’s unique to you, it helps identify your brand, and it’s memorable–hopefully for the right reasons. If you want to make sure that your company’s customer service fingerprint leaves a good impression, look no further than VoIP phone systems.

Modern Phone Systems

Phone systems have always been a huge part of the business world, but today, they’re sleeker and stronger than ever. Thanks to modern technology, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are here to change the way you do just about everything–including customer service. That’s because VoIP makes it easier, faster, and less expensive to provide professional, high-quality communication, and the best part is that these phone systems scale with your company. You’ll never outgrow them, and they’ll never disappoint you.

That’s great, you’re probably thinking, but how does this help my customers? Here’s a quick look at a few features that make customer service memorable for the right reasons.

  • Hold Music

Hold music is a great tool for customer service because it lets your callers know that they’re still connected and that someone is coming to help them out. You can choose from countless genres and even add a personalized message that customers hear while they wait.

  • Advanced Call Queues

Sometimes, your phone lines are going to get tied up. With VoIP phone systems, a caller can submit their callback number and hang up–and when someone becomes available, the system calls both parties so that no one is left hanging. Your customers will definitely appreciate it.

  • Different Hours, Different Routing

VoIP phone systems are smart. They can be programmed to route calls differently depending on the time, meaning that your customers never have to wait on someone who’s gone home for the day.

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Do You Need Document Management?

Do You Need Document Management?

With so many business solutions out there and more being implemented every day, it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you. Luckily, when it comes to document management, it’s easy to tell–all you need to do is ask yourself these simple questions.

Where to Start

First things first: you need to step back, take a deep breath, and really analyze your document workflows. After all, some problems may go unnoticed or overlooked until you specifically search them out–and it’s these issues that might be costing you the most in wasted time and money. Although this kind of reflection can be difficult, the good news is that a few simple questions will help focus your attention. Ask yourself:

  • Are our current security measures both effective and cost-efficient?
  • How long does it take to find any given document?
  • Do we have a plan for digitizing our documents?
  • Can we track our files in real time?

If you found yourself hesitant to answer any of these questions, then yes: you need document management.

Document management addresses all of these common problem areas and more, helping you strengthen your security measures without breaking the bank; organize your workflows more efficiently so that you can save, organize, locate, and update files without stress; and bring current and future documents into the digital world by utilizing scanning solutions. Any business can benefit from document management, but since your company is unique, you need a solution that’s equally unique–and by adapting to your ideals, goals, and current workflows, document management really fits the bill.

So, do you need document management? If the answer is yes (and it probably is!), contact us today for help getting started!

Why Switch to VoIP Phone Systems?

Why Switch to VoIP Phone Systems?

Like most companies, you’re probably interested in every opportunity to grow and improve–but you’re savvy about what choices you make, too. That’s a smart move. The good news, however, is that switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems is one choice you don’t have to worry about.

The Future of Phone Systems

No matter what industry you’re in, where you’re located, or how big your business is, one thing that you’ll always have to rely on is the loyal phone system. It’s involved in a little bit of everything, from internal communication to customer care, and it needs to be efficient so that you can be efficient–and that means it’s time to leave slow, outdated processes in the past. Instead, take a closer look at the future of phone systems: VoIP, which carries your audio data across the Internet to make things faster and easier than ever.

Still not convinced? Here are just a few reasons why you should consider switching to VoIP phone systems.

  • You want to save money across the board.

This is a great reason to switch to VoIP phone systems, because, as it so happens, Internet-based processes save a lot of cash. You’ll pay less for advanced services like voicemail-to-email messages, you’ll be able to integrate video conferencing technology, and you’ll waste less time and energy on outdated and inefficient phone systems.

  • You want your employees to stay flexible.

If mobile or remote work is one of your goals, then you’ve got the perfect reason to switch to VoIP. Calls directed to your desk phone can immediately be transferred to a mobile device, headsets and cordless phones can be integrated seamlessly, and different locations can communicate easily and inexpensively.

  • You want to be efficient.

VoIP phone systems help you maximize efficiency, but that’s not all. They provide opportunities to strengthen customer service by simplifying your workflows, allow for smoother communication, waste less time and money, and are overall more friendly to the modern user.

Do you need any more reasons, or are you ready to switch to VoIP phone systems? Contact us today!

How Document Management Works For You

How Document Management Works For You

Document management is a personalized office solution, so any discussion of its benefits should be personalized too. What document management can do for everyone isn’t important–it’s what it can do for you that should matter. So sit back, relax, and take in all the personalized benefits!

A Digital Workflow

Although almost every business starts with a piece of paper, that doesn’t mean businesses have to end there. Instead, many companies are choosing to go digital with their workflows and embrace document management, the personalized office solution that helps you identify your most significant paper problems and handle them quickly, efficiently, and painlessly. Scanning techniques will make your documents easy to store and easier to protect. File naming procedures will turn hours of hunting into a fast, simple search. Processes designed to help meet your goals and your needs will cut down on unnecessary printing, excess spending, and plenty of stress.

So, what can document management do for you? Here’s a quick look!

  • #1: Turn disorganized chaos into streamlined peace.

Organization is vital when it comes to managing your files, and luckily, document management has countless ways to take a “messy” workflow and streamline it, focus it, and turn it into something painless and efficient. It’s all thanks to a simple technique: scanning and organizing your files.

  • #2: Get the most out of your tools.

Another benefit of document management is that it works alongside you, helping you identify and utilize tools that you aren’t currently using to their full potential. You won’t just cut down on waste–you’ll find new ways to use software and machines you already have in order to meet your goals.

  • #3: Make security a priority.

Document management helps you turn each of your unique employees into an ally in the war for security, helping you identify risky behaviors and “weak spots” in your defenses. When everyone is properly educated on security protocol, it’s easier than ever to protect your network printers and your sensitive data.

If it’s a personalized solution you need, look no further than document management. Contact us today to get started!

Stay in Touch with Video Conferencing!

Stay in Touch with Video Conferencing!

Traditional, rigid workflows and offices are a thing of the past. Instead, businesses of all shapes and sizes are getting more flexible, allowing employees to work remotely. This workplace revolution has great benefits, but it can cause some problems when it comes to staying in touch–and luckily, that’s where video conferencing comes in.

The Power of Video Conferencing

Whether you’ve got remote employees right now or you’re just preparing to make the switch, it’s important to have a solid plan for communicating–especially if a single team will have both on-site and remote members. Video conferencing helps remove all the communication barriers that might come up, making it easy to organize, schedule, and access any kind of meeting. No one has to waste time or money on travel, no one has to stress out about timing, and everyone gets to stay in touch.

Video conferencing is a great tool to make sure that your remote employees stay in the loop–and, even better, it can help foster a healthy and efficient environment for top-quality communication. How? Here’s a quick look!

#1: Communication must be personalized.

A communication infrastructure is great–until it starts to ignore individual needs and goals, that is. When you have remote employees, it’s especially important to allow for some exceptions in traditional processes–and video conferencing makes that easier than ever.

#2: Teams need to utilize their tools efficiently.

Having remote workers and on-site workers within the same team might cause communication chaos. Luckily, the way to avoid this chaos is simple: just make sure your teams use video conferencing in the most efficient way possible–by having everyone on a video call, rather than having some workers in a conference room and the rest phoned in.

#3: Remote workers always need to be included.

Working in the same space has its benefits. For example, employees can share ideas instantly, evolving great solutions out of thin air–but if this isn’t communicated to remote workers, then the workflow crumbles. Video conferencing helps ensure that information gets where it needs to go before anyone forgets to share.

Video conferencing is a great way to stay in touch and streamline communication. Ready to try it? Contact us today!

Putting Printers and Copiers to Work For You

Putting Printers and Copiers to Work For You

When it comes to consumables, printers and copiers sometimes seem to be working against you. They go through ink, toner, and paper so quickly–and then you’re left with a big bill to refill everything. Luckily, your printers and copiers don’t have to continue being traitors to the budget. All you have to do is put them to work for you!

Winning the Battle Over Consumables

Multifunction printers, high-end copiers, hundreds of features and finishing options–these are the things that make your print environment so important to everything you do. However, when ink and toner are so expensive (not to mention hard on the environment), your printers and copiers always need to be working for you instead of against you in the battle over consumables. Luckily, with a few simple tips, you can cut down on waste and inefficiency without spending any extra money.

Tip #1: Choose high-end consumables.

You get what you pay for, and when you pay for cheap consumables like toner cartridges, you might get damage to your machines. Don’t risk it! Always go with high-end, brand-name consumables that are compatible with your printers and copiers. You’ll save money in the long run.

Tip #2: Prioritize your prints.

The truth is that not all documents were created equal–which means that the less important ones don’t need to be wasting your ink. Use settings like “grayscale” or “print text in black” to make sure that you’re spending money to perfect only the most crucial papers.

Tip #3:Consider recycled cartridges.

Because print cartridges can be tough on the environment, some providers have started recycling them by simply refilling the toner. It’s important to do your research and find reliable warranties, but in many cases, recycled consumables can really benefit your budget–and Mother Nature will be grateful, too.

With these tips, you can put your copiers and printers to work for you. If you’re looking for more ways to save money on consumables, contact us today!