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  • officephonetlc

    Phone Systems: Landline vs. VoIP

    Just like everything else in your office, phone systems are evolving. They’re getting faster, stronger, and more efficient–but that also means they work in different ways than the landlines you’re used to. To learn the difference between traditional landlines and […]

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  • ransomware

    Ransomware Risk

    According to an independent study*, an astonishing 54% of medium-sized businesses were victims of ransomware in 2017. The average median cost per victimized company: $133,000. Can your business afford to pay this type of ransom to regain access to its […]

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  • voipphonetlcs

    Why Switch to VoIP Phone Systems?

    Like most companies, you’re probably interested in every opportunity to grow and improve–but you’re savvy about what choices you make, too. That’s a smart move. The good news, however, is that switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems […]

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