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According to an independent study*, an astonishing 54% of medium-sized businesses were victims of ransomware in 2017. The average median cost per victimized company: $133,000. Can your business afford to pay this type of ransom to regain access to its data and applications?

Ransomware is the latest in malicious software, a scourge that has dominated recent headlines. Ransomware stealthily installs itself on an unsuspecting user’s PC or mobile device via email and encrypts their files, preventing access to them. It quite literally holds your files for ransom, allowing you to access them only after you pay a fee. However, paying the ransom does not guarantee your files will be decrypted; your data could be lost permanently despite your compliance.

More enterprise victims were struck by ransomware last year than ever before, and that trend is expected to continue to rise as ransomware evolves. Its perpetrators benefit from ignorance, so it is critical that your team is educated about ransomware and how to defend against it. The security and integrity of a company’s data cannot be dismissed or ignored. Protect your business against ransomware.

If your company is like most, it does not have anti-ransomware protection in place to protect your digital assets from being held hostage. That’s where the security experts at TLC Office Systems can help. Our team of cybersecurity experts is well versed in best practices to defend against ransomware and armed with the security solutions you need to ensure the safety of your data.

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*Source: ‘State of Endpoint Security Today’, sponsored by Sophos