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Your company’s print environment is somewhat like a garden: you want it to grow and stay strong, capable of weathering whatever problems your business faces, but you also know that it needs to be pruned now and again. Although faxing is one of the features that you might decide to get rid of, it’s important to stop a minute and consider why faxing is still crucial for your company.

Fax Machines

Although printers, copiers, and multifunction devices are probably the “favorites” in your print environment, more and more businesses realize that fax machines should be counted in too. They’re not just relevant–they’re also necessary in today’s tech landscape. You might think that we’ve moved past this technology, but the truth is that fax machines still have a lot to offer to your workflows, processes, and employees. Faxing is one function you won’t want to be without.

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons the fax machine is the real workhorse of the business world.

  • #1: Immediacy

Fax machines are good at demanding your attention. No matter how distracted or busy you might be, these devices are capable of getting an important document in front of you–and physical documents are much harder to ignore than files that can be minimized and accidentally forgotten.

  • #2: Reliability

You need technology that can keep up with your hard-working printers and copiers, and the fax machine is a perfect fit. Fast, simple, and reliable, these machines don’t need an Internet connection to function and don’t even have to “play nice” with every single device in your workplace before they can get their job done.

  • #3: Security

Sometimes, the best way to boost security is to make things less complicated–which means turning to simpler technology. Emails are easy to hack; faxes aren’t. Digital communication can have viruses or malware; faxes can’t.

Have we convinced you that the fax machine still deserves a place in your print environment? Contact us today to start enjoying these benefits and more!